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Most diets and weight loss programs help people to lose weight first, assuming that self esteem will follow.    With the I-EAT, we help people repair their self-esteem first so that lasting weight loss can then follow naturally.

On this site you will discover numerous resources that can help you learn how to finally stop the frustration and pain of emotional eating. You'll find a caring community of professionals, including Dr. Michael D. Lukens, CEO/Founder of the I-EAT program and a leading psychologist who is an expert in the field of human emotions and emotional eating.

                                                                              Dr. Michael D. Lukens - Founder/CEO    


You Are “Why You Eat” More Than You Are “What You Eat.”

If you can change the “why” permanently, then you will have gained the lasting freedom to eat whatever and whenever you want. In many important respects, you will have to be different if your "why" is going to be different.  When this happens the choices you freely make will also naturally be different as well.

We have developed a unique approach that goes beyond a change in lifestyle. We change the way you relate to food and eating so that life changes happen naturally, without all the effort and deprivation of dieting.

If the way you are emotionally "programmed" changes, then the way you relate to everything else can change. This does not happen simply by thinking differently -- you actually have to react differently. We don't program people;  what we do is help them "undo" the emotional and behavioral programming that has been controlling them from "behind the scenes" or "beneath the surface."

If you are ready to do some real emotional work to achieve real lasting results then call now. If you have questions, then take some time to review the information on the web site and then call us.  Pick up the phone, we are here to help you.




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An excerpt from the "articles" page:
 What we do--the work involved in our program--will challenge you like you’ve never been challenged before. We have people work really hard at doing the “healing” that is required.  

Why is it so hard?  I know we all we’re hoping for the quick fix and the easy way out.  If you haven’t found that kind of answer after all the looking you’ve been doing, maybe it’s because it doesn’t really exist.  If you’re tired of looking and you’re feeling a bit desperate and you are willing to try something really hard that really works, then you should definitely get in touch with us.